There’s a saying:

“ Your dream is not what you see in your sleep,
Your dream is the thing which keeps you awake.”

School was finally over, wow! Such a relief for me..bye stressing and bye exam period! YAY!
So my last summer before adulthood can officially begin,right?

I decided to visit my mom in Switzerland to relax and kind of figure out my life now..
Just spending some time with her felt so right at that time since I don’t get to see her often, and obviously there’s no better adviser than my mom, so I really needed that sort of a “bonding time”.

I had such a hard time falling asleep the other night, my mind was constantly on the move and my thoughts felt like little monkeys jumping from place to another..I never felt so distracted before.
I grabbed my phone and started scrolling through my Instagram feed for the 6th time in last 3 minutes; kept looking at the same posts over and over again.. and then.. one picture popped up in my search! It grabbed my attention straight away!
The picture was showing off a yoga pose, and somehow it was so catchy for me.. since I’ve been practicing yoga for a while now, I found so much beauty in all the different postures I see!

The caption said:


The minute I read those lines, I knew it! 

I   W A N T   T O   G O.

The picture was posted 6 months back, somewhere around march.. so I was thinking, maybe I am too late? Maybe it’s already over? Or it’s overbooked?
When I finally stopped questioning the situation I decided to text @martasoulconcept to find out more about the starting dates of the Yoga Teacher Training course that month.
I was so curios and excited (and of course I couldn’t get myself to sleep) that I kept reading about her work and about the place where the course was supposed to be. It seems like I wasn’t the only one struggling to fall asleep- Marta responded so quickly to me.
In the morning when I stepped out of my room I told my mom: “Mom, I think I am gonna go to India”

That’s where everything began!

I always have some random ideas to do with my life, so mom is not really surprised anymore.. She thinks that I make the best decisions randomly without planning ahead, and maybe that’s why I learned to truly listen to my heart and become the best version of myself. Thank you Mom.

I had only few days left till the course started and I had sooo much to do! I had to get my visa done, fly back to Budapest- pack, and then go home to Serbia and add all the missing things I needed for the trip.. Time flew by and so far I was off to Belgrade Airport to start my journey! Can you believe it? Because I couldn’t!

“It was so risky and so scary, and yet at the same time so beautiful.”

Let’s see what happened next..

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  1. That’s what I call an adventure! 😃
    Great text M! Keep it up!

  2. Wow.!

  3. So proud of you! Love you to bits.

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