Yesssssssssssss! My favorite season is finally here!

Who else is walking into fall season.. with nothing to wear?! Obviously, my closet is not so caught up with this fast changing fashion industry. I got so bored spending my time&money following the latest trends – and even after all, feeling like I have nothing to put on.

With autumn in the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some outfit ideas and inspire you for this upcoming season.

When it comes to temperature drop – it’s all about layering..that’s why autumn outfits are my favorites to play with. I get so creative putting together different outfits from clothes I already have.

I brought you my most special autumn look: orange&black with a little twist of white!

This orange skirt has such a unique color and thick texture – it turns out to be the perfect choice for the cooler seasons. I wore a white striped dress underneath the skirt – to make my look a little more extra – and a black sweater (made by my lovely grandma, hvala baba 🙂 ) with a leather jacket on top. This black bag is also a ‘must have’ essential with this outfit, along with the belt I mostly wear with all of my skirts, so I can create that V look out of my sweater or whatever I am wearing on top.


The other thing I love about this outfit, is that I could easily pair my summer dress with this skirt and it gives a completely different look from the one above. I think I just got the right dress out of my closet - the black stripes perfectly match all my black essentials and those wide sleeves and off shoulders make my look pop out.

And of course, when it comes to details I always choose something simple but outstanding - like this beautiful silver ring designed by my sister @miamatovic for my high school graduation . It’s my forever favorite.

Let me know what you think about this look down below - and don’t got that creativity inside you too 🙂

Photos taken by my one and only @captain_dori

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